We are the only up to date list of Software Testing conferences and workshops published collaboratively with the global testing community.

Our goal:

Our goal is to help people connect with the greater testing community so they can get educated about all aspects of the software testing field and push our industry forward. Whether you want to learn about Testing, Test Automation (Oracles, unit testing, a particular tool, etc), DevOps, TestOps, Observability, or Agile the best place you will have to learn is within this community.

Eligible Conferences

Focus is a goal of this project and as a result, only conferences and workshops that are specifically for software testing are listed. That means that if a conference covers software testing, but is not specifically for testers, then it is left out.

A good heuristic for whether a conference should be included is if its name includes Test(ing) or Quality and/or how it describes itself.

Conference Names

There are so many variations of names for software testing conferences it’s kind of crazy. The reason we chose Software Testing Conferences and Workshops is because that’s what we believe most of the field focuses on. Mostly Software Testing. Sometimes with an end goal of understanding Quality.

A name by any other name: Whether you call Software Testing conferences quality conferences, qa conferences, quality engineering conferences, quality assurance conferences, quality assistance conferences, modern testing conferences, quality conferencces, testing conferences, test engineering, test conferences or any other name, we list them all here. Are we missing anything? If so consider contributing.

Sadly we don’t list any other kinds of software testing events… yet!

Mailing List

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