The following is a list of LAWST-style workshops from around the world. Some of these are active and others aren’t. If you find any missing from this list please feel free to add to it.

LAWST or the Los Altos Workshops on Software Testing and is a meeting based on:

Attendance is by application or invitation, and limited to 15-20 participants. Instead of several topics which are only glanced at, a LAWST conference has only 2 or 3 very specific topics, with the goal being to work on at least one thoroughly. Discussion does not end until the group is satisfied. Attendees are highly encouraged to challenge the results of the presenter, who must defend the work being presented. After discussion, specific statements are collected and voted upon. These statements will probably be published, and belong to everyone in the group. credit: LAWST homepage

United States

  • AWTA - Austin Workshop on Test Automation
  • IWST - Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing
  • LAWST - Los Altos Workshops on Software Testing
  • STMR - Software Testing Managers Roundtable
  • WHET - Workshop on Heuristic & Exploratory Techniques
  • WHOSE - Workshop on Self-Education in Software Testing
  • WOC - Workshop on Open Certification of Software Testers
  • WOPR - Workshop on Performance and Reliability
  • WREST - Workshop on REgulated Software Testing
  • WTST - Workshop on Teaching Software Testing


  • MOIIST - Montreal Insights Into Software Testing
  • POST - Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing
  • TWST - The Toronto Workshop on Software Testing
  • WWST - Waterloo Workshop on Software Testing


  • DEWT - Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing
  • LEWT - London Exploratory Workshop in Testing
  • MEWT - Midlands Exploratory Workshop on Testing
  • GATE - German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop
  • NWEWT - North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing
  • SWET - Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing

New Zealand:

  • KWST - Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing


  • OZWST - Australian Workshop on Software Testing

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