One of the goals I have with introducing Sponsorships is to give the project a way to bring in additional people to help us design for a better experience and generally make the site better.

  1. For one thing the color scheme and font selection makes some of the posts hard to read. The color scheme (with a focus on green) was me attempting to be a good designer but not really knowing the first things other than I didn’t want blue links. I had some help from some internal Front End Devs back in the day but both time and styles have changed. I think it’s time for the site to do that as well.

  2. This may sound superficial but a new logo and icon are on the way. Simple enough but it’s something I look at regularly on our GitHub page and I don’t necessarily like the generic badge. Also I’d like to be able to have stickers. Yes stickers. Don’t worry, they’ll be free (sponsors will pay the postage, lol).

  3. Better recognition and use of SEO. This is harder but a worthwhile investment in continually making sure we show up as the top Google search.

All of these things are listed in our GitHub issues page, so if you have more ideas on how to help us improve report them here.