In our list of Past Conferences, when available, we provide a link to testing conference videos that are made available freely online under the link Event Videos (open the page and do a quick search).

We think there’s an amazing community benefit when events record their presentations (or at least some of them) and distribute them freely on the web. We know this adds to the cost of producing and coordinating a conference because you need to equipment, transportation and personnel to do these things.

As a way to highlight those conferences, promote this idea and say Thank You here are the 2017 software testing conferences with video recordings in alphabetical order:

Free Event Videos:

  1. 11th IEEE Conference on Software Testing, Validation and Verification (ICST 2018)
  2. Agile & Automation Days
  3. Assert(js) 2018 an all JavaScript Testing Conference
  4. Fall OnlineTestConf
  5. HUSTEF 2018
  6. Nordic Testing Days (NTD) 2018
  7. SauceCon 2018
  8. SeleniumConf (SeConf) Chicago 2018
  9. Selenium Conference India (SeConf) 2018
  10. Testcon Vilnius
  11. Testing and Fuzzing Microconference (Linux Plumbers Conference)

Other Things

Are we missing any videos? If so let us know by adding them here!

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